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Mastering is the final step in the recording process. It is the process of refining the sound to allow the project to realize its full potential, and optimizing the finished product for all possible environments. Laminal can make all the necessary adjustments to achieve the best possible sound for every project in the widest variety of listening environments.


A longer process than mastering, mixing services are also available with a wide range of monitoring and post-processing options.


Remastering can take on many forms, from a new master of original mix tapes, to re-mastering an archival master existing on reel tape, cassette, vinyl, or other media. The process may or may not involve audio restoration or noise reduction techniques. Laminal treats remastering identically to the detailed mastering of a new mix, utilizing the same equipment and processes.

Forensic analysis

Laminal regularly works with archivists and industry in the analysis of recorded materials, with assistance in identifying sources, recording methods, and restoration as needed for such materials. Contact us for more information.

Noise reduction

Laminal Audio specializes in assessing depth of signal-to-noise ratios, and can assist in removing excess noise floor levels, unwanted tape hiss, and other variances of bleed into the desired audio. Such projects include balancing of room tone for film takes, podcast balancing, and remasters. The need for noise reduction is always assessed in mastering projects.

Post audio/sound editing/sound design

We frequently work on film projects, from sound design in post-production to the full scale of sound mixing editing. Laminal is passionate about film work, and such projects are long-lead in scheduling, varying greatly in time allotted for the scope of the work. It is requested that you inquire well in advance. Rough screeners and shooting scripts are very helpful for defining the scope of post audio.

Stem mastering

Preparing a mix for Stem mastering may involve stems including: low end instrumentation, mid-range instruments, and percussive sounds. Or, more traditionally: drums, bass, synths, rhythm guitars, lead guitar, lead vocal, and backup vocals. Submitting stems will often allow the engineer a wider range of options for the final realization of the project.

Audio restoration

Noise and unwanted artifacts in audio can range from simple, occasional intrusions of sound to complex distortion. Thus, every restoration project is unique. All restoration efforts are finalized to digital formats, and can be accomplished from direct source material, such as tape and LP’s. Quotes will vary as a function of factors such as length of the audio, intensity of distortion, wow & flutter, and time required to repair.

Multi-channel projects

From remixing a stereo project for surround to mastering original quad mixes, we are always excited about working on multichannel projects. Delivery formats vary, with final media produced in digital form for later coupling with video, or pure DVD-A master disks.